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The Mission of Elite Group Asia

To help great people join & grow great companies.

How Elite Group Asia are different:

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We specialize in:

At Elite Group Asia, we have innovated traditional recruitment models to provide greater value than any other company.

At Elite Group Asia, we are leaders in innovative resourcing solutions, using AI technologies. We provide market-leading engagement structures. We offer the longest guarantee period in Asia Pacific when partnering with clients, demonstrating our confidence in our work and commitment to them.

We wanted a stronger guarantee to demonstrate our confidence in the candidates we represent and our commitment to working in their best interests and those of our clients. This is part of our premium service as a long-term ‘elite’ recruitment provider.

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When securing the next role in your career it is important that you are represented and supported as best as possible. We have significant experience in representing candidates with potential new employers and ensuring a successful outcome. more

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Salary Negotiation Service

We expect more than $5,000 minimum overall gain (based on US$100,000 salary) with our support.


We work in partnership with our clients to deliver recruitment solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of every organisation. Our superior industry knowledge in Asia can be used to our client’s advantage in planning and building great companies and to help ensure the right individuals fill the right roles within our client’s business. more


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